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About John D Lancaster


Stop smoking hypnosis - John D Lancaster - fully qualified hypnotist

“If you really want to become a non-smoker now and are true to yourself,

"We will overcome your habit together”

John D Lancaster

John Lancaster is passionate about his work with individuals who just cannot give up smoking. The satisfaction is unbelievable when clients ring up after 3 months over whelmed at the fact that they have become a non smoker in just 1 session. They explain that more importantly they have not had any cravings and not even thought about a cigarette.
John explains that it is no mean feat to have saved someones life in the longer term and saved countless months of heartache for their family.

John has gained diplomas in hypnotherapy and Neuro linguistic programming and has an Honours Degree in Osteopathy and has been successfully helping people in one to one therapy for 15 years.

"I believe in specializing in 1 or 2 areas allowing you to cross over to enhance the other to give the best and thorough service possible." - John Lancaster

In the late 1990s John  decided to take his martial art training to another level when he started training in the deadly art of Systema. This form is only used by the special forces in Russia. The further he delved into the training and history he found that most of what he was being taught was based on psychological calming in order to get the job done.
The breathing techniques and complete relaxation states were very similar to hypnosis techniques, and as the training was so brutal your health depended on your ability to relax in training and high pressured situations.

John believes this type of training has helped him help smokers to completely and utterly relax their body and mind allowing their complete system to let go of any negatives or stress.

John continues to build on his knowledge by attending monthly courses on a wide range of subjects and helping out at NLP and hypnotherapy courses.

John would just like to add that the combination of the 3 therapies he specializes cannot be found anywhere in London and up to now he has not found a single practitioner in the world that uses these 3 therapies in conjunction with each other.

By using these therapies as John does he had a 90% success rate in January and February 2013. 

"If you want to stop smoking visit me soon and we can relax your thoughts and change your life forever." - John Lancaster

“John's combination of cranial osteopathy and neuro-linguistic programming is truly cutting-edge.

I foresee this technique as the future of behavioural reprogramming.”

David Key
NLP Training Practitioner

success rate
in January and
February 2013