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John D Lancaster is the only therapist in the UK to offer you this great new pioneering stop smoking hypnosis treatment to ensure you stop smoking easily and quickly.


John D Lancaster has brought together 3 amazing therapies that have been used successfully over many years to induce deep trance and help you stop smoking In just 1 session easily and effortlessly. They work at a super deep level of your subconscious mind in order to help re-educate your feelings towards your smoking habit and to retrain your mind into wanting to stop smoking.


If after the 1st session you need more help to quit smoking i will work with you until you stop.



Put your mind at rest - stop smoking hypnosis, is just a deep state of relaxation. You can drift in and out of sleep and trance states, you may hear everything or nothing it doesn’t really matter as long as you are relaxed so your subconscious mind can help you change your way of thinking for the better..

Think of a past car journey, where you arrived at your destination but you really could not remember the journey itself. This is a state of relaxation similar to hypnosis, wherein you were actually in a state of trance because your mind was so relaxed.

Hypnotherapy began in the 1500s and then was further developed through the ages until Milton Erickson bought it to the publics attention by helping thousands of people with many different problems including helping people to give up smoking.

John Lancaster uses many of Ericksons techniques and a few others in order to relax your mind and allow your inner healing processes to occur naturally.


This therapy is sometimes referred to as the ‘therapy to enhance human excellence’ by using your mind in a slightly different more productive way. You may have heard before that scientist say that we as human beings only use 5% of our brains, these amazing techniques will increase that percentage. They work on your subconscious and conscious mind to make it easier for you to stop smoking and remain a non smoker forever.



An amazing therapy 1st used in the late 1800s, invented by an osteopath Mr K Sutherland in America. It has been successfully used all over the world to treat many many conditions that cannot be treated medically. One of the main problems it can help with is sleep deprivation in babies, children and adults where it allows patients to relax, decrease their stress levels and to enter into a trance like state.

Further studies in America by Richard Bandler (one of the greatest hypnotherapists to have ever lived) has found that because of the osteopaths touch being so gentle on the skull the patient is able to relax to such a degree that a deeper relaxation or trance can be obtained. This deep trance state is where hypnotherapists can guide your subconscious mind into helping you achieve what you want most from life including stopping smoking.

Stop smoking hypnosis - professional one to one therapy

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