John Lancaster Bsc (Hons) Ost. ABH. ABNLF
Telephone: 07801023715


"I was determined to give up smoking but there was a part of me that was doubtful that I could do it. John made me feel at ease and gave me that little bit of confidence that I was lacking in myself to accomplish what I wanted. The most amazing part is that I didn’t even want to smoke when I was out socially with friends, I thought this was going to be the hardest part but no I just didnt want to smoke, amazing!"

LK, Herts 


"For me it was my health problems that gave me the motivation to stop but I lacked willpower but not for long, John gave me an inner strength to stop smoking as soon as I left his office. Thanks John."

PV, Ware


"It was the money aspect for me, I was spending £450 a month on cigarettes and I had tried everything to quit. Its hard to believe that it took only 1 session with John but it did. Thanks John, you have saved me £5,400 a year, now that’s a great holiday!"

AS, Stansted


Stop smoking hypnosis - professional one to one therapy
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